Perfect Timing–My Trip to Minnesoooota 2014

Aside from almost hitting what I thought was a kangaroo in Denver as I was heading to the airport from New Mexico, my trip to Minnesota went well. Joe’s piece for alto saxophone and piano transcribed for clarinet and Luke Dahn’s piece for voice, piano, and added clarinet went over well with the audiences and were nice compliments to the other pieces on the program. Overall everyone did great and we all had a fantastic time. No story of mine, though, would be complete with out some random ridiculousness having to happen. As we all know, the comedian gods are always shining on my path no matter where it may lead. And so, here we go:

My phone (a Samsung 1??? more like -1) had hung on for a long time. I knew the day was going to come when I would PROUDLY walk into a Verizon store and show them this artifact from nearly three years ago. I pictured myself walking into the Verizon store in El Paso and saying “here it is. It’s done. Now give me my new phone.” It was all well-planned out in my head, the perfect timing of it all: perhaps during the summer when I had lots of time to go through each phone and see what it had in store for me, or maybe during Christmas so I could take a picture of the Christmas tree with my new phone.

What the dream did NOT include was when I was out of town with very little time on my hands scrambling from one place to the next until I finally had 2 hours before my flight from Minneapolis down to Denver. Yeah. The dream didn’t include that story but so it was. On the last day of Ensemble Peripherie’s tour, I took my phone in to the Mall of America to give it its proper burial and hurry up to find a new one. Nevermind that I headed over there from Macy’s where I bought some luggage because along with the phone, my 20 year old suitcase decided to give out. People, when I buy things I need them to last. It could have been worse. At least I had the money to get the new suitcase and phone.

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