Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud

2014-09-24 13.44.04Tired from our drive into St. Cloud from Morris, our pianist Ann DuHammel suggested we stop by at a “nice garden” to walk around a bit. Well, “nice garden” was the understatement of the year because this place was heaven on Earth. I couldn’t take enough pictures and the ones that I did take did not do the actual scene any justice. The garden was one of the most incredible parts of our trip. Breathtaking. Here are some pictures from our journey…

2014-09-24 13.39.12

I found some duckies! I love ducks and owned a couple of them as a child. There had to have been about 40 of them!

2014-09-24 13.53.252014-09-24 13.44.28

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