HP Pavilion G6–Keeping It Fresh

You know when you buy something like a new fridge, a new car, or a new laptop, and you want to keep it looking new? So you decide to leave the plastic protective cover on the fridge doors, the protective plastic around the car stereo, or the protective plastic on the top of your HP Pavilion g6? Well, if you understand then it won’t surprise you when you see my 10 month old laptop with its plastic protective covering. Okay, so yes, it is a little tattery. Its crinkled. My friend almost peeled it off one day until I gave her the look of death and she was like, “oh, did you want me to just leave that plastic hanging on like that?” YES. YES AS MATTER OF FACT WE’RE LEAVING THAT PLASTIC PROTECTIVE COVER THAT IS HANGING ON BY 3X6 INCHES ON THE TOP OF THE LAPTOP, WE’RE LEAVING IT ALONE. Does it look trashy? OH ABSOLUTELY. Does it collect dirt and dust on the adhesive side that has peeled from the computer? YES. We’re leaving it there though. LEEEEEEEAAAAAVVVEEE IT. LEEEEEEAAAAVVVEEE IT. Eh…nnnnn…na na na….nope. I know it bothers you. You know what bothers me? SCRATCHES. Scratches on my new stuff. In December this thing will be one year old. BUT I TELL YOU WHAT…this plastic, when it falls off (because you know it will), oh…I’m taping it back on. Huh? Yeah. Yes. Yes I will. I will tape the plastic protective cover that comes on the laptop or sofas or metal objects or doors from Home Depot, back on. With Scotch tape. Yes. And things will get ridiculous. Like, it will be 2017, and I may need a new laptop because the laptops will be floating by that point like cars were supposed to by 2000, but I will still have this one, viruses and all, with the plastic protective cover taped on. Ridiculous? Absolutely.

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