Other Clarinet Websites

Here, I will provide links to websites dedicated to clarinet education. When I was young (a couple of years ago), if you wanted to study the clarinet, you had to ask the first chair their opinion on something or go find a private lesson teacher. Computers were a thing of science fiction. Now, all you have to do is “google” clarinet and you get more information than you were even looking for! Here are some great folks that have been teaching clarinet and sharing their ideas for many years!


The Official Website of Kathy Williams-DeVries

Michael Dean’s Clarinet Page

Tom Ridenour’s Clarivid 83: How to Assemble the Clarinet

Michelle Anderson’s Clarinet Mentors

Eddie’s Clarinet

Kyle Coughlin’s Multiple Music Websites

Kellie Lignitz-Hahn and Rachel Yoder’s Clarinet Cache

Phil Field’s Clarinet Pages

The Clarinets (Some History and Explanations of the Clarinet Family)

Clarinet Closet

Timothy Phillips–Clarinet

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